Monday, January 30, 2012

New Start---Connor Programming

10 unloaded good mornings
Flossing the hamstring banded stretches
1:00 bird of paradise stretch
1:00 pigeon stretch
1:00 triangle pose
10 unloaded good mornings
1:00 low lunge focus on pushing hip forward
1:00 internal rotation stretch


5 rounds

amrap in 4 mins
3 ring dips
5 C2B pullups
7 push press @ 75#

1 minute rest between amraps

15 rounds on the dot...

Cash Out:

1:00 happy baby stretch
1:00 k star couch stretch
1:00 pigeon

50 minutes alternate ice and heat on the back ... rotate every 10 mins end on ice

That amrap was like a JT so you couldn't stop moving...CTB pullups were the bottleneck (part of it is my pullup setup where I REALLY have to whip the hips to get the height to get it done. )

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