Saturday, November 3, 2012

And more disaster. Yay.

Aaaand the crap storm continueth...

Did something to my shoulder a couple weeks ago (though I think, since there is now numbness in the thumb, and arm that it's more nerve related than muscle related, though not to rule out any one of them).  

So, been trying to get some wods in during tough times at work and busy home life.

So, go out to do a lower body wod today.

And my back gave out on the situps....

500m Row then


1:00  Happy baby
1:00 Triangle Pose
1:00 bottom of squat hold
5 squats
100m run


35 bulgarian split squats per leg


50 Squats
50 Situps
50 unloaded good mornings

DNF (4:36)

Got the squats and sit ups, but my back started aching a little during situps (which is weird, first time that's ever happened)

And when I tried the good mornings, no joy.

eh crap.

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