Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday catch up: rest all week, pain today

I'll put up my weekend stuff here:

I'll put the weekend's wods here:



4 bulgarian split squats each leg
3 deadlifts @135lbs

Got to round 15 before missing.  I missed because I was about to dry heave.  Yay me.  Took a few minutes rest, got back on, didn't miss the last five.  Boy, that suck just crept up on me...

So, 20 rounds 24 minutes

15 then 5.


Warmups then:

5 rounds

200 m run
40 situps


On another note, I have something really messed up in my shoulder.  More 'splaination in the health topics, but basically, I have a horrible ache in my shoulder that's not responding to ice, keeps me awake at night, and for whatever reason, I have full range of motion (at least according to the primary car doc) without pain.  That is, I can't recreate it.  I think it's nerve related, but not sure next step.

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