Saturday, June 16, 2012


Buy in:
1:00 pigeon pose
10 good mornings 25# plate to chest
1:00 happy baby
10 Bulgarian split squats
1:00 foam roll back
1:00 triangle pose

Ran through it twice because once never quite does the trick...

Deadlift 190X5
Working sets of 130/150/170 x 5

This is a pretty big rehab milestone.  I had not lifted over 165 since a back episode at xmas, and I hit that a couple weeks ago.  Now I'm closing back in on 200.

Deadlift 115#
Bar dips

A very very slow 9:36  High rep deads were really the thing that whacked my back all out of shape so I take my time with them.  Glutes were on fire here though....

Cash out is off till a bit later...

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