Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catch up!

I'll just dump these all here...


Buy in:

1:00 happy baby

100 m run

1:00 triangle pose

200 m row

1:00 lacrosse ball in traps


2x Amrap in 8 minutes

5 goblet squats 53lb kb

10 pullups

15 box jumps 20"

Rest 2:00

Oh, that was evil. Evil. E.V.I.L. 5 rounds plus 5 pullups. Ow. That sucked.


Hspu test. Find out how far we are after couple weeks off. Can you still go to abmat?

Not quite...I went a little higher

Cash out:

1/2 tabatta row

10 minutes on lacrosse ball digging in knots.


Buy in:

1:00 lacrosse ball in traps

1:00 foam roll glutes

1:00 foam roll lats

10 squats

1:00 bottom of squat hold

1:00pigeon pose


Backsquat 175x5

Went well, even though I had a weird near miss rerack incident...


Emom for 20 minutes

3 bulgarian split squats each leg

6 push ups got it, but there were some snakey cheater push ups there at the end.....oh, and the DOMS? Brutal...that sucked.

Missed Thursday.


Buy in:

10 good mornings 45# barbell

1:00 happy baby

1:00 pigeon pose

1:00 bottom of squat hold

10 lunges


Deadlift 190X7


7 rounds

7 deadlifts 115#

14 double unders

10:00.3...I wanted under 10...probably had on a "when I finished" v "when I got over to the clock" basis. But good enough. Oh, and that sucked.

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