Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Squats and farmers walks!!


Buy in:
1:00 happy baby
1:00 triangle pose
10 bulgarian split squats each leg
10 good mornings 45# bar

Backsquat 180x5

That was way harder than last weeks 175x5...dunno why

5 rounds
100 m farmers walk 30# dumbbells (used 35lb db)
10 hang power cleans 30# dumbbells (35lb db)

Didn't have 30lb dbs so I didn't think scaling down was wise.  Neither was scaling up though, so it's a fair cop...


Skill: 100 sit ups

Cash out:
1:00 triangle pose
1:00 lacrosse ball in glutes
1:00 happy baby
2:00 lacrosse ball in forearms

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