Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll start this:

Shoulder press

5x110 (pr)

Then Kempie's shoulder nonsense:

15 minute amrap

3 shoulder press @ 85lb (not even 50% . . . )
3 strict pullups

20 rounds


First break of press was at round 10, but found my sack (I think it had rolled under my tool box) and made it to 15 again before another break, and then it was switching out 2-1 and 3 the rest of the time.

The pulls were unbroken.

Takeaway: need to hit this up again. Probably at 90-95lbs. Or go the full 20. Ninety or 95 would be uch closer to .5 body weight . . . I am the chubby.

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