Thursday, March 3, 2011

prowler and kettlebells

just played with heavy pushes

did 5x 40 meter sprints (20 meters out and back)

was going to do low handle out high handle back but hahahahaha

At 195 I couldn't push the low handles on the sidewalk or the street (I bet my neighbors loved me). That thing just destroys your legs . . .

Now I know kind of where I need to be for pushing crap around.


1x prowler alone low/high (96lbs)
1x low high with 50lbs (146lbs)
1x high/high with 100lbs (196)
2x high/high with 150lbs. (246)

Then capped off with 30 kb swings @55lb. Was wondering if I could do 30 and could so next up try 50, since 40 would just be lame.

Been a hard three days on the legs . .

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