Sunday, July 31, 2011

Half Jackie

Half Jackie

500m Row
25 thrusters @ 45lb
15 pullups


Also two days ago,

Lookit this…an actual semi work out….

12 push press @75
one round of strict cindy (not kipping) 3/6/9
9 push press
2 rounds of strict cindy 3/6/9
6 push press
3 rounds of strict cindy 3/6/9

Interesting and sucky….forgot how much push press/thrusters kill pushups…

Strict pullups because I can do three at a time for a good while, and my gym is set up that the rack was right where I’d kip so I just left it there…

Didn’t time it but took no breaks.

Ought to bump it to 15 down to 3 push press so end up with a

15-12-09-06-03 PP @ 95 (45 push press)
01-02-03-04-05 3-6-9 cindy…. (15 rounds cindy…)

That would be positively nasty….

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