Sunday, May 17, 2009


Grace as Rx'd.

135lbs overhead power clean then push jerks and split jerks.


12/16/08 Grace, @105, power cleans, anyway overhead 4:54
11/6/08, power cleans, 95lbs 3:12
2/3/2008, power cleans, 75lbs, 3:59
11/17/2007, 60lbs @ 5:28
9/23/07, 65lbs, 11:09
6/27/07 at 67lbs 9:33


Joel said...

Congratulations. Finishing 'Grace' as rx'd is no joke.

Was this with your new bumpers? I assume you were dropping it from overhead. :)

TexasPatrick said...

YES! Yeah, I'd kinda "guide" the bar down, but yeah, I had a hard enough time getting it overhead without having to worry about wrassling that nonsense back down. Dropping it was cool. I think the kids riding their bikes back and forth in front of my garage were a bit confused though.

Joel said...

My neighbors thought I was crazy *before* CFEC closed and I had to go back into the garage. I can't imagine what they think now.

Especially on days when other abandoned crossfitters come by for a wod. We did a wod a couple weeks ago with ohs+burpees in the driveway.

I'm waiting for a letter from our HOA.