Thursday, May 14, 2009

OVERHEAD!! . . . with a girl's bar!! Wooot!!

Like my snazzy workout clothes?


Joel said...


Don't sweat the ladies bar. At least you have a shiny new set of bumpers to abuse :)

What brand and sizes did she get you?

TexasPatrick said...

They were the MuscleDriver Econ bumpers. I was going to get the high-temps but they didn't have 2x45 in lbs, so I went with the econs. I figure they'll last a good while.

TexasPatrick said...

Oh and it was the crossfit minimum set:

2x 25lb plates (85 with the bar)
2x 45lb plates (125 with the bar)

So slap a couple fivers on each side and I'm about whatever rx'd would need to be.

Joel said...

I too own a ladies bar. ) (Pendlay Econ)

The only problem I've had with it is that I've gotten to the point that the sleeves won't hold enough weight for 3RM dead lift.

Fortunately, my buddy brings over his bar for ME deadlift day.

Having a set of 15's makes things easier too. I usually don't like putting change on the bar, but I did by some baseball bat weights for SP day.

anyway, cheers brother!

3-2-1 Go!