Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catchin' up . . .

Wanted something about 10 min so did

3 rounds of Nancy row your boat, @ 65lbs

500 meter run
15 OHS @ 65.

Timer bit the dust . . . rows were adequate . . . I’m thinking somewhere around 9 minutes . . .

Oh and the ohs after the first row were wrong, as was the second row . .

OHS unbroken first two rounds, last round lost balance at the bottom and lost it so 12-3.

It was hard to decide what to do after the flu . . . I knew my strength work wasn’t causing any problems but I’m still coughing up stuff so I didn’t know what would happen want to get into a slog. I wanted something short and breathy. I think I may throw a 3 round Nancy into the “sub 15” mix for two a days but at 85-95 so that would constitute heavy work for me. Or maybe some variation, 5x115 or some such. Just thinking out loud.

Deadlifts 10/14

3x3 245/265/285 (f 1)

12@200 (pr)

heavy grav day, will drop down and build up the 5x and see if I can't get the 285 when I get closer.

Squats 10/13



Last 210 was slooow out of the hole. Then again, sometimes 185 is . . .

Anyway, we'll see how that holds up next week. Particularly since I'm 225 x 3 but not at the lower depth I'm doing now.

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