Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rowing! 5k

Feeling blah just needed to do something:

5k row

20:09 Benchmark time

Comparing rowing and running for me is really weird . . .

In the shorter distances, my running times are much faster than my rowing times . . .

My 400m I think (though haven't measured on an actual track in a long time) is below 1:30. I've run around Crossfit Plano in just over a minute (it's 400 meters-ish).

My 500 meter row is 1:47.

My last two road 5ks were 22:50 and 23:38

Interesting . . . Not sure what it means . . . . . but interesting . . . .

I'm curious how I on a run, I have more speed at the low end than the high, but on a 5k row, it's reversed?

But 9 seconds, or 2 seconds per 1000m, or 1 second per 500m and I dip below 20 for a 5k row . . . nice.

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Brendhan said...

I broke 20:00 on a 5KM once. What a great day that was-I've never been able to duplicate it.

What worked for me was thinking about it as 10(!!!) 500M rows, and I had to do less than 2:00 on each.