Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crappy squat day . . . Front/high rep back . .

I made a mistake on my schedule so only got the heavy stuff in today . . .

And it was kinda pathetic




Better than last week, third rep kind of elbow dippy, but got it up and out of the hole.

Then the wheels fell OFF

HRBS . . .

was going for 15x185 Got the 12x185 fine last week as far as I remember, hard, but not that bad.

Here, got 5 and it was a bit of a struggle out of the hole, but figured I'd hang on and then my right wrist was going strange on me. It felt like somehow, I had lost flexibility in my upper back and shoulders and arms and couldn't keep my elbows back and wrists straight to the point they were bending and I was in danger of losing the weight.

So I reracked it, walked around the rack once, got back under, 5 more, same thing (this time got the weight out of the hole a lot better . . .gee, hips are important . . . )

But my upper back and wrist same thing. Like I couldn't hold the bar like I have been doing for, oh, A YEAR.

Re racked it, shook it off, got the next 5.

Frickin' weird. I'll hit it up again next week. Appears to be my new MO . . . one sackless week, one with some sack . . . ugh, who knows.

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