Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gonna do several at once...

Tuesday = workout at work

4 x 200 meters on treadmill before I ran out of time..

1:00- 0:50...

One reason I hate treadmills, that's nearly a 2:00 400m..and well, this Homey don't Play that...

Wed: 12 min amrap;

5 ctb pullups
3x thruster @ 95 (rx is 135)
25 du

4 rounds in 12:20.. I hate DU.

BTW, I'm going to create a wod that's all ctb pullups, wallballs, and du and call it "No Rep"...


Wod 1: 3x 800m 3:38/3:28/3:14 (again, had to get back to work too soon, should have done 2 more).
Wod 2 3x5 Deadlift 95/115/135 Most I've deaded in months. Back felt fine. 5lbs a week till we get back.
30 KB swings 1.5 pood.

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