Friday, July 6, 2012

Bad day in Shoulder Pressville...

Oh man…
Buy in:
1:00 hamstring flossing
1:00 pigeon pose
1:00 triangle pose
10 Bulgarian Split Squats
1:00 lacrosse ball in traps
1:00 lacrosse ball in lats
That went okay…
Emom for 6 minutes Shoulder Press 2 reps @ 105#
Got through 2 rounds and the shoulder/neck thing acted up again (aka hurt like shit) and the life went out of me for the 2nd rep of the 3rd minute…Which leads me to ....

Handstand Rocks each arm
Man makers 35# dumbbells
DNS (Did not start..)  Yay.  Went upside down to test the shoulder and realized that, hey, the same pain, even worse when you hold it on one hand…and push press? hahahahaha
Should have cashed out with a row or something to avoid complete succumbation lack of characterville…...but by that time I was too invested in my self pity…

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