Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching upp

Work has been an utter bear lately.  It's been taking up toooooo much time, but it's not much I can do about that.  The last couple of weeks have been off, but I managed to squeek in some wods this week:


Squats: 170 x 5

Amazing how time under the bar will improve your attitude.


Deadlifts 185x7

EMOM for 10 min

3 deadlifts @ 135#
2 strict pullups
1 power clean at 95#

I made all the minutes...but wow..that was sucky...I'm sure the fact the garage was 10 degrees hotter by the time I left wasn't helping..


10x100m swim
1:00 rest between rounds

31:16 total, less 9 min of rest = 22:16, so about 2:13 for every that right?  Anyway, anyone who wants can check my math.

Oh, and the 3 lap is the suckiest...gotta finish, still got a lot to go....


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