Monday, September 21, 2009

Some mess I dreamt up . . . .

Because I am stupit . . . and I lost a bet

5 rft
200 meter run
5 manmakers @ 35lb
10 pullups

21:32 Pathetic

Edit: Here are my laps: 3:05/4:08/5:07/4:39/4:31 (lookit me losing it in the middle).

This was the result of losing a bet . . . Cowboys v. Giants and the Cowboys lost by one and so i did this, which I thought up and it sucked bad.

I just felt slow. I think I slug it too much on the runs but if I go all out that means I just wait before lifting. Oh, maybe that's the trick . . . go all out then pick up the weight to regulate breathing.

Pullups, fell off the bar on the first set at 8, but the rest broken, too much bar staring, etc.

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