Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shoulda coulda woulda . .

Felt lazy but needed to do SOMETHING so turned it into a low intensity back rehab day:

Light warmup: 500 meter row, a few pushups and pullups;


3x8 good mornings 75-85-95

3x8 back xtn with 25lbs

Played with straight leg deadlifts using a kettlebell. 3x8 x 1.5 pood

Then did some uneven farmers walks: i.e., one handed carries down to the end of the block then switch hands:

Trip 1 = 1.5 pood kettlebell
Trip 2 = 1.5 kettlebell and 35lb bulgarian bag on same side as carry
Trip 3 = Waiters walk 1 pood kb, other hand farmers carry 1.5 pood kb

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