Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back ouchie

Tried the deadlift, squats, push press wod from mainsite/Brand X

95lb deadlifts.

Something in my back went sproing.

I was laid up for two days, literally couldn't get out of bed.

Something is very wrong where I can't lift 95lbs. I got to 10 reps of 21 and just ow ow ow.

Still hurts but can do pullups and dips..... it's a start and maybe step ups with a vest on.


metric said...

Very sorry Patrick.

TexasPatrick said...


metric said...

I have feed subscription on my blog that I use to keep tabs on a whole bunch of people ad sites, so I'm always paying attention to what you're saying. And feeling guilty that I don't comment more so that you know I'm out there.

I don't have anything to suggest re the back, except that I kept trying to work around my bad back for a very long time. I thought I just had a weak back that injured easily. Instead I think what had happened was that I ruptured a disk the first time I injured it and all I'd been doing after that was making it bulge more. I got it seen to (epidural anti-inflammatory, outpatient treatment) and haven't had a serious problem since. I was lucky and didn't need surgery.
Don't know if that's what's happened to you at all, but sometimes there is a treatable underlying cause. If there is one I hope you find it.

Oh and your 95 pounds?
I once had an episode when I was sliding a 20kg plate back onto the plate rack in the gym. I wasn't even bearing any weight, just pushing the darn thing along the bar. And I'd walked to the gym that day. Took a lot longer to get home than it did to get there.
So I understand your frustration and it doesn't make you pathetic. You have an injury is all and that's the fault, not your own abilities or worth as a human being. Which sounds all tree-huggery I know, but I also know how being in constant pain can wear at you even when it's minor. When it's debilitating and long term it can really eat you up.

TexasPatrick said...

Still thanks, I'm going into a sports chiropractor tomorrow. Doc didn't seem to think it was a disc issue but who knows? I'll see what the chiro says and see if it clears up. It's already way better, but I don't know if that means it's a muscle thing or a disc thing...