Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back work

Limiting the amount of pure strength work on my lower back for a couple weeks or so. I pulled something so it isn't working right so deads and squats are right out.

So, 3x10 band good mornings, 2 with little band, 1 with blue. Next up, all with blue.

3x3x10 stiff legged deads, @25,35,45lb dumbbells.

3x10 back xtn. 2x body weight (hanging over saw horses . . . ) 1 x 10 with 24lb kb.

Shoulder test:

Things that don't hurt it a couple days later:

Shoulder press.

Things that might: 10x dips on saw horses. Doesn't feel too bad today (did them yesterday). We'll see tomorrow.

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