Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deadlifts and rowing . . .

Played with Sumo Deadlifts, thinking maybe the back position of a sumo would help my back issue.

Ended up doing 4x5x165 plus a bunch of warm ups, alternating traditional and sumo style deads.

Back is funny: first rep is a leeeetle sore (at this weight, low and slow), after that all reps FINE. It must be some starting issue that I need to film to figure out.

Then 5x250 meter rows. 2:00 rest between rounds.


Really not good from a historical perspective, I was hitting 200 meters at about 40 seconds not that long ago. That means I shoulda hit these around 45 or so. And those others were with 30 seconds rest, not a good 2 minutes.

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