Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strict Pullups and other stuff...

Buy in:
1:00 pigeon pose
1:00 happy baby
10 squats
1:00 triangle pose

In place of strength:
If possible Dumbbell shoulder press find a 7 rep max

7x35lb db

Went to 45s since I don't have 40s and got 3....

Max strict pull-ups
Max kipping pull-ups
Max handstand rocks facing away from wall
Max handstand rocks facing wall

Per round:

1) 10/7/7/27
2) 5/8/10/21
3) 4/5/4/14

Handstand rocks away from the wall can end up being just losing balance...

L sit hold 5X 10 seconds

Good lord that was hard...

Cash out:
Accumulate 15 minutes on a lacrosse ball and/or foam roller digging in
problem areas and new juicy spots.

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