Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CFSB R3 w7

Dropped by a new box near work:

Crossfit Strong first WOD

Team workout:

21 press @ 75lbs
8 deadlift @ 185lbs
80 yards of tire flip and jump (kinda like a spartan, but I'll get there)

Teams of two. One starts deads, one starts press. Switch when done. When both are done, run over to tire, start flipping. Each person flips, jumps in then out, and partner then flips tire, jumps in and out.

That was a cracker.

20 minutes. When the shoulder presses hit failure, go to push press. Deads were good (thanks CFSB!) 8-(4-4)-(4-4), Shoulder press, got all 21 first round second round fade at 11-12, third round, fade at 5.

But them damn tire jumps . . . .

20:15? (under 20:20 for sure).

Fun stuff. Really fun stuff.

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