Sunday, March 29, 2009


Just a high gravity low strength day . . . just happy I checked off the "workout" box.


5x3 . . . which ended up being 4x3 . .

135/155/175/195 . . . was supposed to be 215 but 195 was off, way off. Form went all to heck. Got it, but back was really sore all the way down and up and thought that bumping up would be dumb.

I think I got to thinking too much or something. I don't know what happened, but it all fell apart. 175 seemed to work just fine, but 195 was evil. Very hard and much harder than last week's 210.

Then hit 4 rounds of 8 pullups/8 ring dips.


Was going for 5 rounds for time considerations, but still misjudged time issues so cut it short. The last round was 2 minutes so it was only getting worse. And I've been working pullups so this kinda frosts my cupcakes. But to be fair, the pullups I've been working are at the beginning to get better stage.

So today's theme was not so much, and what I did was cut short and weak.

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