Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Filthy Fifty

Filthy Fifty,

As Rx'd,

45:38 (PR)

Even the double unders. Got six straight away thought "hooray!" then it was all doubles and a couple 4-5s here and there.

Previously with subs (tuck jumps, supermans for back xtn) I got 50:56.

I have one with those same subs where I got 25 somethign. That. Cannot. Be. Possible.

Oh, and the dry heaves. I've been doing this about 2.5 years. Not a spot of trouble. Today I actually had to run out the back door to keep some brisket tacos where they belong, in ma belly. Can't tell if I'm vaguely ashamed or proud.

This was another wod at Crossfit Strong, near work. I have no idea why but I've about died both workouts. And there was waaaaaay too much walking around today. My lack of fitness is disturbing . . .

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