Sunday, June 27, 2010

shoulder press, ashman workout

Shoulder press day:

max @ 120 = 2 . . . wanted 3, so I'll just have to settle for a PR.

I went and checked my records . . . I used to top out at 5x95 . . . now that's the first set . . .

I'm not a firebreather (hahahaha like that was a worry . . . ) and it's taken a LOT of time, but bit by bit . . .

Then 12 min amrap:

5xpower clean to jerk @ 185 (145)

5x ring dip

15 situps

3 rounds plus 4 jerks.

The last round of clean and jerks was tough. I did probably 9 cleans to get the 4 jerks. That's where I lost all the time.

Of note: 145lb power cleans in a wod. 19 145lb jerks in a 12 minute wod.


Brian said...

What's your workout schedule look like? I obviously see you're doing 5/3/1. I don't see much BP, though, did you replace BP with FS? Also, are you trying to get them in on a week schedule, so it's pretty clean on when you do things?

I think I'm going to start back up on 5/3/1, but want to include OHS in the mix and possibly power cleans (or maybe front squats). If I do the OHS, wasn't sure if I should remove BS or just add it on to the cycle and maybe to OHS with another lift on the same day. But, ideally, I'd like to do a schedule so that each week I'm doing the same routine. maybe something like:

S-OHS/SP/Endurance WOD
M-DL / Short WOD
T-Longer Metcon/Chipper/MainSite WOD
Th-BP / Endurance WOD
F-BS / Short, Heavy WOD

Where are you typically grabbing your metcons from? Just mainpage and Ashman and mixing them in sporadically or do you have a method behind your madness?

I'm just a little confused about what to program at the moment (there are so many good ones to follow out there). I really like the consistency of 5/3/1 knowing what I'm doing everyday for those lifts and knowing that I'll be hitting them each week, so I really want to follow that. I also want to work on my Oly lifting a lot more and OHS, specifically.

Do you feel my pain???

Brian said...

Oh, and sorry for all the questions. I hope this is a good place to ask you.

I'm kind of new to the working out thing and I want to do what works best for me, but, as a Garage CrossFitter, I'm doing it by myself.

Thanks again

TexasPatrick said...

First this is a fine place to contact me. It's probably faster if you email me at patrickahoffman at my gmail account but this works.

Will write more later, but wanted you to know that I did get this.

TexasPatrick said...


Here is my rough schedule:

Sun= Shoulder press day, metcon
Mon= rest, sometimes skill work
T = squat day and metcon 15 minutes
w = odd lift/metcon day 20 minutes
th = deadlift day, metcon 10 minutes
F = usually rest, sometimes skill work
S= was front squat day .. . more on that in minute, longer metcon day

I don't have a bench, so that's out. Front squat was in till I read that Wendler doesn't recommend it on a 5-3-1 schedule.

Metcons are chosen 1) priority given if I have the stuff to do the one Jay Ashman puts up that matches up. I.e., whatever he has on squats. Sometimes, though I change it out for a modified main site or one that looks fun.

I have no plan . . . but that's about to change. I am only doing so-so as far as I can tell.

The Odd lift day is like max cleans 1-1-1-1-1-1 or max ohs or whatever, but it's usually an oly lift. I may start doing some oly work on Sat too.

I'm going to see how far Wendler takes me for the next 4 months or so. I may start following the Brand X stuff a week behind and cribbing their wods. They do pretty well with programming. I guess it's just a matter of not having the right equip so I do something else and add . . .

Brian said...

First of all, thank you for taking the time to respond!

Curious, since you mentioned it, what's about to change about having a plan?

So, looking at your schedule, it's not too different than what I have proposed (BS and DL are flipped in rotation), which is encouraging. For the metcons, do you try and match up the metcon emphasis with the day's lift or is more random?

Also, do you think OHS would work in the 5/3/1 format? I saw someone's log working them into this format, but was curious what you thought.

BTW, where do you get BX WODs from? I think I've looked at their website and I can't find where they post their daily WODs.

Thanks again

TexasPatrick said...

The reason something has to change is that I think I need more direction. I just don't know what I'm gonna do specifically. I am going to talk to GD out in Cali and see what he thinks, see what Kempie thinks, they both train monsters so I trust what they have to say.

Metcon emphasis is tricky. About the only thing I try and do (or at least I hope that's the only reason I don't do them) is that I don't like to screw up a lift with something the day before. What I mean is I won't do a heavy deadlift wod the day before or even two before the strength portion or something along those lines. Those aren't bad for the actual day (i.e., say heavy deads then do Linda or Diane).

OHS is a good lift, GD has said something along the lines that it's not a "strength" lift, but there's no reason not to work it in. And I"m not sure why GD said that, but I think it has to do with it not increasing strength the same way the other lifts do. I'm not sure though. GD spent a BUNCH of time one year working them into warm ups (the man's warm ups can make you cry . . . ) and got very strong and worked his shoulder back into action.

The brand x wods are usually posted by Big D, he'll post the early bird classes. I think if i follow a week back I'd have something to work with.