Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amrap-Connor wod Week 1 Day 4


3 x
1:00 hamstring on box with lacrosse ball every time you find a juicy spot straighten your leg for 3 reps before repositioning
10 unloaded good mornings
15 sumo deadlifts with 95# (did this at 75-85-95)
10 bulgarian split squats
1:00 hamstring flossing
1:00 triangle pose


3 rounds

Amrap in 2 mins
3 handstand pushups (sub: 25, 15 and abmat...normally I use the bands to do full depth hspu, but I figured the time on this was more critical, so avoided getting into and out of bands)
5 hang power cleans with heavy dumbbells @ 45lbs
15 double unders--These WERE not happening today..did tuck jumps

30 second rest between amraps

5 rounds plus HSPU

Cash Out:
1:00 reclining big toe hamstring stretch
1:00 wall bicep stretch
1:00 couch stretch
1:00 low lunge
1:00 each side neck stretch
1:00 rolling on barbell on box
1:00 triangle pose

Did 2x due to time considerations

10 minutes Ice, heat then ice again

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