Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, week 2 Connor Keegan programming...

Buy in: 3X

2:00 hamstring flossing
2:00 happy baby stretch
2:00 birds of paradise
5 good mornings using holding 15# plate,

These felt fine, need to take some vid to make sure I'm hitting the form correctly...

Amrap in 15
10 wall ball 20#
5 burpee broad jumps using med ball (pushup on top, deadlift, clean, broad jump, repeat.)
100 m run holding onto wall ball

5 rounds + wallball

OMG...I don't get tricked often...but that was miserable.....

Cash Out:


1:00 pigeon pose

3:00 on lacrosse ball each side digging in abductors and glutes.

1:00 hollywood stretch

Skill work:
Accumulate 35 strict pull-ups Every minute on the minute style.
For example if you can hit 3 every minute on the minute you would go for 12 minutes.

Did 3x, so 12 minutes, need to try 4x next time...

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