Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Connor programming week 1 day 3

Cacophony of Pain


Buy In:

1:00 banded shoulder traction
1:00 Table psoas stretch each side
1:00 rolling on the lacrosse ball to target the thoracic region
5 reps each side theracane psoas stretch
1:00 upward dog stretch
20 unloaded Goodmornings


15 min amrap
200m run
20 hollow rocks

6 rounds, 6 rounds plus run in 15:34

Cash Out:

Tabatta full 8 rounds

plate pinch 25# Used my 25lb bumper plates, and made all 8 rounds
hex holds 25# Used the 25lb dumbbells...made 4 rounds least one drop a round, a couple times 2-3
false grip hold on the bars-Oh hahahahahaha...yeah, about 10 sec max at most... that hurts

10 minute ice bath

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