Friday, February 17, 2012

The pain of Thursday


Buy in:
4:00 digging with lacrosse ball in each of the following. Traps, pecs, and lats
Utilize the wall for lats, and pecs lean into the ball.

2:00 triangle pose
2:00 happy baby
2:00 pigeon pose
15 stiff legged deadlifts


Shoulder Press find a three rep max
105...jumped to 110 but couldn't rep it out...


Amrap in 12 minutes
5 snatch grip deadlifts
5 hang power snatches
5 overhead squats

85# barbell

Warmed up and found I had to press out 85 so dropped to 75 which was only mildly less painful...

4 rounds on the dot

Cash out:
200 M walking lunge

Same rules as your wod from Tuesday, keep the shin vertical and take large steps.

1:00 Hamstring flossing
1:00 Happy Baby
2:00 pigeon pose

Accumulate 20 Handstand pushups in as few sets as possible.

Since I don't have a hspu yet, I did this with a band, got 13-7

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