Saturday, June 28, 2008

chipper chicken . . .

As rx'd, subs noted:

45 DUs
45 cleans @135 (95)
45 ring dips
45 DUs

The double unders at first were okay, 3-6 at a time so I knocked them out. the cleans were weird . . . I had really no trouble on the squat part . . .

Where I was sucking wind was the floor to the third pull. My grip was actually going and that really doesn't happen that often.

The ring dips were pretty okay 5's for the most part till the last 15-20 then breaking down fast. It was one of the times I could really feel it in my chest.

Second set of double unders just went all to heck. I got like 11 in a row and thought I was on fire and then couldn't get another more than 2-3. So at 30 I just went to tuck jumps.

I'm still not dying at the end of these. I think the problem is that Coach Glassman has really bumped up the WODs lately. Where I could do a reasonable pack workout before, and thrash myself, I think I need to re-eval and maybe move down again until I get to where I need to be. Check that ego at the door, as it were.

One week to the Cfit games. Yay.

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