Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes, it did Suck and Blow


10 thrusters @65lb (45lbs)
10 pullups

10 rounds, + 10 thrusters

I hate my backyard pullup bar . . . .

I made it too low and too small. It's too small to grip well, so you (me) get blisters like I NEVER get at the gym. You just feel them tearing . . . ewwww.

hate hate hate . . . must find someone to blame, but myself . . . wink

And the thrusters were fine. I wanted to go fast, but the pull ups were too much on my time. I never did get thrashed like I wanted.

I need to retool the pullup bar.


Chris said...


TexasPatrick said...

You want a pic of the pullup bar? That I can manage probably. ;-)