Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crossfit Games Part Deux

Temps: 96.3 degrees, in Wylie, TX, 65 degrees in Aromas, CA (that's 35.7/18.3 for all y'all foreigners comin' ta visit - - - that'd be all y'all Scot-cicles . . . ). Though I need to work on my running. It's okay but being out for 30 minutes like today is not at ALL like being out in it for hours.

Following Kempie's lead, gonna do more in my warmups, treat it as additional work. so 3x10 pushups, squats, situps, pullups, ring dips.

Will do pullups all on straight bar till after July. They are a LOT stronger than they used to be. Maybe work me up some butterfly pu's as a skill practice.

And since my current goals are all close (but seemed to fargin far when I made them) I need to work on hspus. Time for some negs . . .

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