Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pull and push

Backyard Workout:

50 45lb thrusters
50 pullups
35 thrusters
35 pullups
20 thrusters
20 pullups

It was supposed to be wallball and pullups, but thrusters were the only sub I could manage at home and I didn't have dumbells so barbell it had to be.

25:25 it was kind of a crappy workout. I couldn't ever "get it going" i.e., stay anywhere near the edge of gassed. It was just a slog. Mostly the pullups. But then I switched to all straight bar till after the games. (Not that I had a choice at home, but hey).

I think there were a couple reasons for this: the scaling from the Plano, crossfit site (where I try to keep up with my homies) only listed a smaller weight ball for porch, and then assisted pullups for pack. I don't do unassisted. :-)

Also, I am using the straight bar and my backyard pullup bar leaves a little to be desired. But making excuses don't feed the bulldog or somesuch. Suck it up and drive on . . .

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