Thursday, February 18, 2010

Squats, then thrusters and burpees! Yay burpees!

Squat day in the Hobo gym.

Me 'n Bruce did

3x5 (well he did 3x3 because he's still moving up)



3 rtf

3x thrusters @ 125
10 burpees.

that was the longest damn 5 minutes of my life.

5:30 something.

Most weight I've used for a thruster in a wod ever. Sucked. Did 3 rounds with 7 thrusters of 115 and had relatively few problems. This went: first round unbroken, 2nd round 2, drop, 1, third round okay, f**k, I was Mr. 2 for 1, two attempts before getting one overhead.

Thank goodness I didn't go stupid and pick 135 as my thruster weight.

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