Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday edition of Sunday swimming..

Buy in: Accumulate 15 minutes on a foam roller  
 Wod: Amrap in 12
 Swim 100m
 15 push press 35# dumbbells
 2 rounds + swim
 Turns out the community pool is only 20 yards long.
 So, each swim was 120 yards so that I would come out on the same side of the pool...
 So yeah for those of you following at home, I took the dumbells to the community pool..and I did my foam rolling there.
 So I'll take your "neighbors think I'm crazy" and raise you one...
 Skill: 10 forward rolls
 Cash out: 1:00 pigeon pose 1:00 triangle pose 1:00 happy baby

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