Saturday, February 14, 2009

CFSB R3 Shoulder Press Week Three

Shoulder Press 5x3


Ties my pr at this weight.

75lbs 15-12-9 the last rep hitched . . . I don't know if the weight stopped moving up or if it just slooooooowed.

But got them all without setting down

Then did "Bingo's Birthday"

7 rft

3 power clean (135lb)
4 burpees


Interesting. Previous time at 125lb power clean was 4:59. Ten pounds, minute and a half? Hmmm.


Joel said...

ok r3, week3 -
pr tie on the last set.

good job, btw, but why start so low?
I thought CFSB allowed you to hit a PR in round 2 or 3 and stop.

TexasPatrick said...

You know, I know Jeff has said that, but I'm not sure exactly how that was supposed to work. That sounds stupid, I know, I mean, if I do 3x5, after a point, I was just trying to hit a pr on the last set, so I got the maximum value out of my lifting. I think early on I was closer to hitting a pr early on. I mean, theoretically, you could just try and PR early, but I think that tends to neglect the training stimulus you're trying to create. If you do hit the PR great, but if not, just press on . . . as it were.

Joel said...

CFSB is confusing, that's for sure.

How are you choosing MetCons?

TexasPatrick said...

As for metcons, it kind of depends. I try and do at least two "heavy" metcons a week. I've also got a list of "heavy" metcons I will email you.

Also because I was hitting the kettlebell class, I figured that counted.

Not saying I always got that done, but I aspired to that, anyway. The other thing was some sort of body weight like an angie, or 3 rounds of 5 minutes of cindy with 2 min rest or some such.

Not that this always went as planned. Very often what happened was I just did something because of the stuff I had on hand or could get out of the way without thinking too much about it.