Friday, February 6, 2009

CFSB R3, Week 2, Front squats, high rep back squat

Reset the front squats and back squats from last week, going for depth.

Front squats 5x3


Back Squats 135 x 15

near as I could to ata . . .

Then ten minutes later that fusterclugly from Brand X

45lb bar, (pack scaling)

30 thrusters
30 ohs
30 thrusters
30 hang power snatch (did I NEED to jump backwards?)
30 thrusters



CrossFitCS said...

I like the look of that metcon dude, will try that today

TexasPatrick said...

All things considered, I'm glad I scaled it to 30, will try it again with this number of reps. It starts being brutal in that second round of thrusters. I broke everything 15-10-5 and started feeling barfy right before the last bit of thrusters.