Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Godspeed Griff-CFSBR3 W3

At the Crossfit Plano Box


800 meters run
400 meters backwards
800 forwards
400 meters backwards


Previously: 13:19

Not exactly apples to apples, the first was done around my neighborhood, while it's a PR I don't know its worth as a "relative" measure.

And I think there's some room under it, probably 15-30 seconds, if only because today I happened to be the Rabbit so I don't know what chasing someone might have done

BTW, this comes as close to what the run at the 2008 games feels like . . . for the 5 seconds after you turn around after running backward . . . and your legs give out . . . our Oly coach thought I twisted my ankle . . .

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