Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CFSB R3 Week 4 AM Deads

AM Deadlifts


21-15-9 @ 165 lbs.

I think that's a pr, need to scour the records though. First time through CFSB I raced through the high rep sets trying to lift more and met up with grip limits early on. This was a little grippy but clenched it out.

Next week I'll go to 175, and see where the schedule says to start. Maybe one high set of 12. I think I've got that.

Did vid the back on the 215 set of 5. Decent, but need to remind myself to keep the chest up to get that last little bit of curve into the spine . . .


Renee said...

4am deadlifts, tp?! go back to bed...jesus :P

TexasPatrick said...


I see I have punctuation trouble . .

Week 4, AM deadlifts . . though I did get up at 4:45 . . .

Renee said...

lol, oh. my bad. hahaha. i skipped over "week"

go back to bed anyway