Monday, December 24, 2007

Mmm. Lubbock.

Okay, so back from a delightful trip to Lubbock, TX. Okay, so I'm lying about the part that doesn't involve the words "Lubbock" and "Trip".

It was a trip to visit family of the "not mine" variety. That kind of trip needs its own word, and it should be German. Something like "Schadentrippen" or somesuch that means a weird combination of boredom, duty, and annoyance all mixed together on trips to family.

Why? Because families are full of fun like this:

Uncle tells grandmom: "So and so (my wife's mother) has really let herself go".

Now, should this have ended here? Yes. It did not.

Grandmom tells Father in Law (wife's dad): "Uncle told me that so and so has really let herself go. "

Now, again, should this have ended here? Yes. It did not.

Father in law (wife's dad) tells so and so (his wife, mother of my wife) "Grandmom told me that Uncle told her that "you've really let yourself go".

Hmm. Let's count the villains, shall we?

Uncle: For being intemperate with his remarks. He should have realized grandmom would blab. Regardless of the truth, even if he thought he was right, it was an unkind thing to say.

Grandmom: Yeah, she coulda stopped this trash cold. Shoulda taken that to her grave, but did she? No. So she shows that her own son is a lout, and she too, repeating the allegations.

Dad (wife's dad, husband of so and so): Oh yeah. By the time it got to him, he could have protected his wife from an unkind remark. Did he? Nope. Thus making the circle complete.

Yay Family!!!

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