Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thanks Manchester

Plano TX Suffer on Saturday:

Painstorm XX

Brought to you by: Karl Steadman and the good folks of Crossfit Manchester UK.

One minute at each station with a running clock as with Fight Gone Bad. You get one minute off after each 5 events and rotate from A to B to C to D and then do it again for a total of 40 minutes of work time. If you can’t do muscle-ups set the rings at a height where you can do a jump assist through the transition. If you can’t do handstand pushups do pushups with your feet elevated as high as you can go.

Rotation A
1 – Handstand Pushups
2 – Muscle Ups
3 – Air Squats
4 – Sit Ups
5 - Pullups

Rotation B (36 lb KB)
1 – 2-Hand KB Swing
2 – KB Snatch (L)
3 – KB Walking Lunge
4 – KB Snatch (R)
5 – KB Goblet Squat

Rotation C (95 lbs)
1 – Push Press
2 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull
3 – Split Jerk
4 – Power Clean
5 - Thruster

Rotation D
1 - Burpees
2 – 10 Meter Sprint (we subbed mountain climbers)
3 - Pullups
4 – Military Press (we subbed pushups--or pressups for you who speak the original English. . . )
5 – Row (Calories)

Mods: Handstand pushups, 45lbs on press station, 12kg on kb station, and I subbed one arm swings for the kb snatch.

Score: 510.

And thanks to my lovely Mancunian friends who thought this up. Twisted Evil

Wasn't a bad workout. At least I wasn't last . . . .

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