Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hell's KBells . . .

25 power swings (Russian swing, then pull down hard . . . )
50 alternating one armed hand to hand swings
5 burpees (puh lease . . . )
20 front squats
40 bottom up cleans
4 burpees 15 power swings
15 power swings
30 alt. arm hth swings
3 burpees
10 front squats
30 bottom up cleans
2 burpees
5 power swings
10 alt. arm hth swings
1 burpee

10:19 with a 16 kg bell.

I finished first. So i need to move up to a grown up weight. Ugh. If I don’t grab the only 20kg, I need to Connor/Kalista up and do the 24kg.

I can do a 24kg for Helen, I probably should just take the hit on alternating WODs. I just feared two things, 1) the hand to hand in mid air with a 55lb iron ball . . . . 2) the bottom up cleans were much harder than they looked, simply for grip and stabilization.

We have like on 20kg bell in the class, but it gets picked up pretty darn early. I've even set it down and had it horked . . . you know, like it wandered on over to it's spot by itself . . .

Had a spot of the kettlebell nausea but kept pushing past it. I don't think I broke any sets for any other reason than to give my other hand a chance to hold the weight. There were also some set downs between exercises because there was so much to do I couldn't remember all the stuff coming up so it would be say 30 hth and then set the bell, read the next exercise . . .

Oh and they had all just come back from a kettlebell cert so that's why we were all doing crazy stuff . . . . really good workout though, just not quite challenging enough. It is funny how after a year or so of this I'm like "eh, this ain't enough" where a 16kg would have killed me (and did on numerous occasions) previously.

Also, the lower back is sore from Burpees . . . yay burpees. I don't know why, but it is. So it's funny because when I took the first couple of swings on the bell I could tell I wasn't doing it right . . . because of the sore . . . .

And another in the "why classes are better than a garage gym . . . " Had a couple instances of forgetting to completely open the hips and at one point Troy pointed out I was twisting my left side on the one arm swings, but not on the right. Took the pointer and kept chest up, and arm back. Viola!

And I wanted to see if my muscle up was a fluke so I went in the back and got one of the ugliest muscle ups in the history of ugly muscleups. No really. At one point my head was scraping against the wall and I was actually using my head and my shoulder to push away.

I think I'll use that as my warmup instead of pullups and dips . . no wait. I can do that now, but need more pullups . . .

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Anonymous said...

I had an odd twist going on during the OH squats in this mornings warmup. Shayne wandered over while I was doing them and grabbed my shoulders and started twisting me back to the right a little. Something felt funny while I was doing them but I couldn't figure out what it was; they felt much better once I was straightened out... relatively speaking of course....