Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pullup Bar

Here's the infamous "pullup bar of excessive whining . . . " Note: That cross beam is the main beam on my kids' swing set.

It wasn't a bad first effort. But two things are problematic: I can grab it while standing flat footed. I can kip, but every time I drag my toes on the ground seems to make me think I'm going to catch a toe. But that's not nearly the problem that having a 3/4 diameter pipe presents. It's just too small to get a good grip on. You can do a lot of pullups (deadhangs seem to be better), but it tends to pinch your hands from the get go, so grip actually seems to go fast, as does the skin on your hands . . . .

If the setup isn't clear it's this: flange plate on a 1" section of pipe, attached to an elbow, attached to the main pipe. This is secured to the 4x6 (actually two 2x6s) by an eye bolt through the 4x6.

I can think of a couple other ways to set this up, but input would be helpful to achieve two goals: Higher (6-8 inches would probably do the trick), and absolutely need to get a 1" section of pipe.


Anonymous said...

Is that a free standing unit or is it bolted on to another structure? If free standing is what you want I think a couple of 4x4x10's sunk about 2 feet deep with another 4x4 across the top. Then use your same iron pipe, flange, eye bolt setup but hang it from the bottom instead of attaching it to the face.

TexasPatrick said...

I'll add another pic, but it's on a swingset, which is why some of the crap you see is there. The pullup bar is bolted on the cross beam.

If I were to do a free stander, that's one idea. I could potentially, now that I think about it, bolt a superstructure onto the swingset, up higher and at offset. I'll have to give that some thought.

Chris said...

Mate, a few things come to mind but first let me clarify something ...

The flanges and elbows are not really structural elements of your rig? ie Not screwed in - so they just serve to stop the bar rolling in the eye bolts?

A free standing option would be best to gain extra height as all the bolt on options I can think of will put additional stress on the kiddies playset. You could go hog wild with multipe bars for ropes, rings, cargo nets etc. Even a wallball target or three.

So far as modifying the existing set-up simplest would be 1" bar and fixtures fastened to the cross-beam then dig a sand pit under the bar. Grip and height problems solved with more stuff for kiddies!!

Alternatively we can go with a elevated bar. Bore 1"+ holes through the crossbeam. Then mount 1" flanges over holes on one side of beam. Pass short length of threaded pipe through holes and thread into flanges. At the other end opposite flanges attach some 45 degree elbows. From here it should be pretty clear how to finish up. Don't go crazy with extra height as it will prob put a fair amount of rotational stress on crossbeam but assuming the wood is in good shape you should get your 6 - 8".

Let me know what you think mate.

Cheers, kempie