Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shoulder press, manmakers

Buy in:
2:00 barbell tricep mash
2:00 lacrosse ball in traps
2:00 rumble roll lats
2:00 happy baby
1:00 pigeon pose

Emom for 6 minutes
Shoulder press 75 X 2

No failures, all up fast.

15 push ups on dumbbells
3 man makers
15 dumbbell rows each side from plank position
3 man makers
15 deadlifts
3 man makers
15 hang power cleans
3 man makers
15 push press with dumbbells

20# Dumbbells for this WOD.

Wow...deconstructed manmakers.

8:19...but: I had to go with 25lb dumbbells since I forgot I'd need 20's and didn't pick any up.

THEN I got through the first set of 3 manmakers and realized I didn't do the I did an extra set.


Tabatta hangs from the pull up bar full 8 rds

Got all 8 rounds...rounds 6-7-8 were rather painful..

Cash out:
2:00 triangle pose
2:00 pigeon pose
2:00 happy baby

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