Saturday, March 10, 2012

Manmakers and box jumps...oh my...

Buy in:
1:00 happy baby stretch
1:00 cobra pose
1:00 hollywood stretch
10 good mornings 25# plate to chest
100 m run

Deadlift 120X10

Straight Set.


Amrap in 20 minutes
10 manmakers 25# dumbbells
20 box jumps 24”

Manmakers consist of a pushup with hands gripping the dumbbells, row right dumbbell to chest while maintaining a plank, row left dumbbell to chest while maintaining a plank, clean the dumbbells, anyway overhead with the dumbbells.

Holy Crap...3 rounds plus 2 manmakers...ugh...

½ tabatta sit ups.
Then 3X
10 monkey hangs
10 toes to bar

Cash out:
1:00 hollywood stretch
1:00 Cobra pose
1:00 triangle pose
10 minutes foam roller on area of your choice.

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