Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mile o' Misery...


Buy in:
1:00 happy baby
1:00 pigeon pose

Accumulate 15 minutes on the foam roller and rumble roller looking for old problem areas and new ones. Then accumulate 15 min on a lacrosse ball using the same tactic. While doing this please be sure to focus on the calves as well.

Run 1 mile.
Every minute on the minute do 5 burpees, you have the rest of that minute to get as far as you can before having to do the burpees again.

Okay...11:50...55 burpees

I may have done this wrong and not started with my 5 burpees but it worked out the same. I did the burpees at the minute and by the time I realized I might have done it wrong, I wasn't starting over.

That thing gave me Fran Cough....ugh..

Cash out:
1:00 samson stretch
1:00 pigeon pose
1:00 happy baby
1:00 cobra pose
1:00 triangle pose

attempt a Handstand push up.
Use a target- go half way- slightly bend your arm and call it good? Its up to you, but go upside down and attempt to touch your head and press back up.

Okay, did two 15lb bumpers and an abmat: 5" Pretty easy

One bumper and and an abmat: 4" got it barely,

Abmat only (2.5"?) no go....

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