Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Handstand Rocks and Hang Squat Cleans

Buy in:
2:00 happy baby stretch
2:00 pigeon pose
2:00 triangle pose
10 Good mornings 25# plate to chest

Amrap in 15 minutes
10 handstand rocks each side
5 hang squat cleans 75# barbell

7 rounds plus 3 cleans, 8 rounds in 15:10ish

All but one round of the Handstand Rocks were unbroken and that was just some dumb pity party

Accumulate 4:00 in a plank hold either from the elbows or hands, you may switch positions while the clock is ticking.

Broke about 5 times...

Cash out:
2:00 lacrosse ball on glutes
2:00 hamstring flossing
2:00 lacrosse ball in calves

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