Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ring row row row your goat...


Buy in:
2:00 happy baby stretch
1:00 pigeon pose
1:00 hollywood stretch
2:00 triangle pose
10 PVC passthroughs

Emom for 10 minutes
Shoulder press 85X1

All went up fast.

Amrap in 20 min
10 elevated ring rows
5 handstand rocks each arm

Elevated ring rows: Feet elevated on a 20”-24” box, body planked, rings about 1.5 feet higher than box, strict pulls until chin is above rings.

Oh, HA! 9 Rounds, + 5 ring rows.

This was an exercise in oh, I don't know...failure, both character and muscularly? Ha!

Tabata bar holds 8 rounds

Made all of them. A little less hard than last time...probably because I didn't do cleans right before hand...

Cash out:
Spend 30 minutes on a lacrosse ball digging in old injuries and new problem areas.

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